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Welcome Home! The Browns Have Signed Ohio State Legend Braxton Miller


This literally made my day. Braxton Miller is one of the most beloved players in Ohio State history -- at least for my generation. He came to Ohio State right in the middle of the horrific Jim Tressel tattoo scandal, and he helped us tread water until Urban got there. Remember when Luke Fickell started Joe Bauserman for the first couple games that year? Perhaps the worst starting quarterback in Ohio State history.

Anyways, Braxton then went on to lead the Buckeyes to a magical 12-0 season in a prototypical Ohio Against The World year where we weren't allowed to play in a bowl game. I kind of liked it though....we ended that year storming the field after beating Michigan to finish the perfect season. Oh, and we got one of the best photos in the history of the rivalry.

Michigan v Ohio State

Beautiful. But back to Braxton -- so Junior year he went 12-0 and he won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year (again), but we lost in the Big 10 Championship and to Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Season of dreams for 99.9% of schools, kind of disappointing for the Buckeyes.

But the real reason I love this guy, aside from making my Saturday's enjoyable for 4+ years, is the way he handled 2015. Braxton obviously got injured before the 2014 season started, the one in which we won the National Championship, and he missed that whole ride. Coming back in 2015, he had every right to think he should be the starting QB. I mean, he was the 2x Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year. But he took one for the betterment of the team and moved to receiver, and I will always respect him for that.

And oh baby did he put on a show.


The most beautiful spin move in the game. I love this guy -- so electric. Hands down favorite Buckeye football player ever (probably because I was the same year as him). But alright, the trip down memory lane is over -- let's talk Browns.

I love the signing for nostalgia reasons, but here's the thing: the Browns are prettyyyy loaded at receiver. OBJ, Juice, Callaway, and Higgins is a really strong crew. And I'd like to think that someone so talented can be of use on this roster, but what are we going to do with him? Can he kick? Use him while Callaway is suspended? Or maybe we're just going to let him imitate Lamar Jackson in practice. A great runner that I would love to try and see beat us with his arm....what a perfect pickup.