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Wake Up With The Most Expensive Piece Of Art Ever Sold

salvador mundy

This Jesus looking guy/woman thing is called the Salvator Mundi and it was painted, allegedly, by Leonardo Da Vinci. This fucking thing sold for $450 MILLION in 2017. Can you imagine telling Leonardo Da Vinci that back in 1500? He’d be like “that painting of Tony? I didn’t even try on that one” and he’d be able to buy like an entire country for that much back in time.

The $450 Million set a new record beating out this painting of two old guys playing cards

art card players

The Card Players sold for between $250 and $300 Million

And “Interchange” which sold for $300 Millionart interchange

Some sloshy finger paint lines and a few squiggles and that is worth a fortune. If anyone understands the valuation of these things I would LOVE an explanation because it makes ZERO sense to me.