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Apparently If You Crash Your Car Into This Pennsylvania Restaurant And Say You're Hungry, You Will Get A Free Breakfast

An older woman crashed her vehicle into a Perkins restaurant Sunday afternoon, the New Castle News reported. While there were patrons inside at the time of the accident, no one was sitting where the car crashed and no one was injured.

Perkins Manager Tracy Scaravino told the newspaper that she was in the kitchen at the time.She talked to the driver, who seemed to be OK but said she was hungry and needed to eat something.

So Scaravino prepared an order of eggs Benedict while waiting for emergency crews to arrive, the New Castle News reported.

Wait, in what world is this how crashes work? If this is the case then whenever I’m ready to get rid of a car I’m going bumper first into the nicest steakhouse in Cincinnati. I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised though.

This sounds exactly like Perkins and New Castle – two things I’m unfortunately familiar with thanks to my driving route to my hometown from Cincinnati.

How about the balls on the old lady driver though? People checking on her as she came flying through a wall and her first thing is to complain she’s hungry. I love it! What a move. Yeah, my shoulder is a little sore but I could really go for some eggs benedict. I really hope she kept adding to her order too. Like, yeah toss me some bacon and a coffee while you’re at it.

The least shocking thing is this older lady crashed at 3:50pm and said she was hungry. Of course she was! She was probably on her way to the early bird special. No doubt about it.

I’m still confused as to how one runs into a building. You have to see it coming. It’s not even on the road! That’s one thing that will never make sense to me. Especially if you hit the same building twice.