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What Is Something From Your Past That Still Keeps You Up At Night?

This tweet came across my timeline last night and I had a nice laugh. I love the quote from Trump here. It’s very “I’m the one who knocks”. Gotta give him credit, he is as dedicated to a schtick as anyone has ever been. Ever pro wrestlers haven’t been as constant as he has been over the last 2 and a half years. But the thing that made me laugh was if you took it at face value, “nothing keeps me up at night” is an insane statement to make. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since ’03. Quite literally everything keeps me up at night. I am kept up at night because of things that happened over a decade ago. For example:

Imagine if 16 year old Eric went over Kelly’s house? And let me tell you, Kelly was no slouch. It’s basically the real life version of

So it got me thinking- what has happened in your past that still keeps you up at night? What conversations do you re-create over and over again that you wish you could have back?

I love hearing about obvious missed cues, or times when you should have said something but came up with a blank, like George coming up with a comeback

As for Kelly by the way? She ended up hooking up with a teacher senior year. What a gem. Life is beautiful.