Would You Take This Blood Test That Can Correctly Predict If You Will Die In The Next 10 Years?

Daily Mail - Researchers have developed a blood test which could predict your chance of dying in the next 10 years.

Scientists in Germany uncovered 14 biomarkers in blood that appear to affect the risk of death, after analysing 44,000 people.

The biomarkers are associated with everything from immunity and glucose control to circulating fat and inflammation.

A trial of the biomarkers found they were 83 per cent accurate at predicting whether someone would die in the following two to 16 years.

See this is a problem I have with society -- I don't like how smart everything is getting. Not people -- people are definitely getting dumber. But all of the technology and experiments are making this world way too knowledgeable for my liking. On a small but important scale to me, I hate instant replay in sports. I don't care if the guy sliding into 2nd base actually popped off the bag for .00003 seconds. Sometimes less is more. And now on a much larger scale, I definitely do NOT want to know when I am going to die.

I guess I could understand how MAYBE a father of three kids with a wife might want to take this test. They need to be prepared for a future where an unexpected emergency could change everything, and this could help with that. But still, what does knowing that you're going to die do for you? At best you can get your finances in order, but it also likely causes depression for you and your loved ones. Could you imagine knowing your mom or dad was going to die in the next 5 years? Would you even go off to college? Or would you spend every moment you can with them and put the rest of your life on hold?

I look at it like ripping off a bandaid. It sucks every single time. But ripping it off quick is so much better than slowly peeling it off. It's never going to be a good feeling when someone dies, but wouldn't you rather it happen fast and unexpected than counting down the days?

And obviously this study has no way to predict life's freak accidents. This can't predict car crashes, fires, or tornadoes. So it's not like this is a be-all and end-all of when you're going to die. And also, it only predicted 83% correct! That's pretty good, especially with 5,512 people dying in the study and them getting over 4 out of every 5 correct, but it's not 100%. I would just fear that society would try and become too reliant on tests like these, only to be let down when it doesn't pan out how they think it will.


Plus, what if they're straight up wrong? If you told me I had two years to live, I would start blowing all of my money. I'd probably go to every single Buckeyes game, home and away. Eat whatever I want. Drink whatever I want. Would definitely quit work (you guys would miss me). But what if I do all of that and live…..? I'd wish I were dead!