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Devin Booker Could Never Make It As A Beer League Legend

“Ay, bro. We not doublin’ in open gym, bro. I get that shit all season”

And that right there is how I know for a goddamn fact that Devin Booker will only be able to succeed at the highest level. That right there is how I know that Devin Booker will only go down as an NBA legend, but will never in a million years be able to crack it at the men’s league level.

Because if you think for just one moment that an open gym run doesn’t mean just as much as game 7 of an NBA Finals, you’ve already lost. That’s the difference between a great professional athlete and a great beer league athlete. Because every time you step on that floor, you’re there to win. You’re not there to “work on your game”. The game is your game, and you are there to win that shit at all costs. If you need to start doubling out there because one guy has been lighting you up all day, then you double his ass. It’s not about having fun. It’s not about getting better. You win at all costs.

The difference between guys like Devin Booker and beer league legends is that Devin Booker doesn’t take an open gym run seriously. He doesn’t treat it like a game. Which is simply appalling. I’m sorry if there aren’t a couple hundred people in the stands watching like there would be for a Suns game, but you still have to treat it the same way. Actually, a random ass men’s league game pretty much has the same amount of NBA playoff implication as a Suns game would have anyway, so it really shouldn’t be that much different for him out there. But I guess he just doesn’t want to be great. Not everybody was cut out for beer league, and that’s perfectly fine. Just stick to the NBA though, and let the rest of us give men’s league sports the respect they deserve.