Don't Bring Any Soft Shit To The Pick Up Game If Joakim Noah Is Around

I know Reags just blogged this, but I can’t let a glorious Joakim Noah video get away without commenting on it.

This is just example A,B,C,DEFYX….of why Joakim Noah was and still is loved in this town. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pick up game or if he was in a suit at the end of the bench, Noah is always the guy that holds nothing back when he competes. He’s my favorite Bull post-Jordan for that very reason. Just a guy whose energy is contagious and you love to have on your side.

I’d imagine Devin Booker is not pleased that this video got out. I get his point that he wants to work on other shit for sure, but it’s still not the best look when you get a little whiney in a pick up game. Especially someone as talented as him. I’ll bet you him and Jo shook up and talked about it afterwards too, because that’s the kinda dude Noah is.

It’d hurt to see him play alongside LeBron, but I sincerely do hope that Noah gets one last run in the playoffs before it’s all said and done for him.