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Royce White Will Bitch Slap Anyone Who Says Jared Dudley Deserves A Roster Spot Over Melo

(Full interview here)

If anyone knows about being blackballed from the NBA, it’s Royce White. Given his mental health issues that he dealt with in college he was a big time talent that fell like a rock in the draft and eventually the Rockets took a chance on him. He hated flying and had anxiety and the league really wasn’t all about mental health issues like we see today. So if anyone can speak to this issue I feel like he’s a good option.

Honestly what he said in that video isn’t all that different from what we’re hearing from other players and even Melo himself. Sure he may be a little washed, but completely out of the league washed? That feels like a stretch so maybe there really are other things than basketball keeping him out.

Having said that, people gotta stop picking on Jared Dudley man. Ben Simmons during the playoffs, now this, the man is just trying to cash a check and snake it so he can keep on making it. You have to respect that hustle even if he’s way more washed than Melo. Where I agree with a White is his LeBron take. Pretty shitty friend to keep his banana boat buddy in limbo when with a snap of the fingers he could be on the Lakers. Guess he only wants to be a friend when it serves his best interest which is just a dickhead move.


Just don’t try and justify to Royce White that Dudley deserves a spot over Melo, that’s how you get your ass bitch slapped.