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Ranking The List Of Minor Reoccurring Seinfeld Characters


Legendary list right here that all of Barstool Boston spent the day working on. And just as a preface, we didn’t include characters like Newman, the Constanzas, etc because they’re basically regulars. These are the minor characters that were in at least 2 episodes.  Finale does not count so you won’t see Soup Nazi or guys like that.  Giddy Up.


23. The Doctor – The Invitations, The Summer of George, The Junior Mint, The Finale



22. Russel Dalrymple – The Ticket, The Pitch, The Watch, The Shoes, The Pilot 


21. Jiffy Park/Jiffy Dump Guy – The Wig Master, The Muffin Tops


20. Mr. Lippman – The Sniffing Accountant, The Cigar Store Indian, The Fire, The Marine Biologist, The Opposite, The Scofflaw, The Muffin Tops, The Serenity Now, The Finale 


19. Puddy – The Fusilli Jerry, The Face Painter, The Butter Shave, The Voice, The Junk Mail, The Apology, The Dealership, The Reverse Peephole, The Burning, The Finale 


18. Steinbrenner – The Opposite, The Jimmy, The Race, The Hot Tub, The Calzone, The Bottle Deposit, The Nap, The Finale


17. Mr. Kruger – The Slicer, The Strike, The Burning, The Maid


16. Wilhelm – The Jimmy, The Wink, The Hot Tub, The Caddy, The Bottle Deposit, The Fatigues, The Checks, The Susie, The Nap, The Millenium, The Finale


15. Peterman – The Understudy, The Secret Code, The Caddy, The Shower Head, The Friars Club, The Bottle Deposit, The Foundation, The Chicken Roaster, The Money, The Van Buren Boys, The Susie, The English Patient, The Muffin Tops, The Summer Of George, The Merv Griffin Show, The Apology, The Cartoon, The Bookstore, The Frogger, The Finale


14. Mr. Pitt – The Chaperone, The Pledge Drive, The Gymnast, The Mom And Pop Store, The Doorman, The Diplomats Club, The Finale


13. Whatley – The Mom And Pop Store, The Label Maker, The Jimmy, The Yada Yada, The Strike


12. Mickey Abbot – The Stand In, The Race, The Wait Out, The Yada Yada, The Burning, The Finale 


11. Crazy Joe Devola – The Pitch, The Ticket, The Pilot, The Watch, The Opera 


10. Sue Ellen Mischke - The Caddy, The Abstinence, The Bottle Deposit Part 1, The Betrayal 



9. Mike Moffit – The Parking Space, The Susie 


8. The MaestroThe Maestro, The Doll


7. Babu – The Cafe, The Visa, The Finale 


6. Poppie – The Pie, The Couch, The Doorman, The Finale


5. Jack Klompus – The Pen, The Raincoats, The Cadillac, The Money


4. Lloyd Braun – The Non Fat Yogurt, The Gum, The Serenity Now


3. Bania – The Soup, The Secretary, The Soup Nazi, The Fatigues, The Butter Shave, The Finale


2. Jackie Chiles – The Maestro, The Caddy, The Friars Club, The Abstinence, The Comeback, The Finale



1. Uncle Leo – The Pony Remark, The Pen, The Pitch, The Ticket, The Wallet, The Watch, The Glasses, The Wife, The Pledge Drive, The Kiss Hello, The Doodle, The Shower Head, The Package, The Bookstore, The Finale


Honorable Mentions:

Bob Sacamano


Cousin Jeffrey