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Rashan Gary Allegedly Turned Down A Big Pay Day To Play For Michigan

Nebraska v Michigan

Rashan Gary's time at Michigan is over. The #12 pick in the 2019 draft will play for the Green Bay Packers this year. However, for some odd reason, the former #1 recruit had this story come out about him over the weekend:

This comes via John Bacon, a reputable reporter. He, also, added that it wasn't Ohio State who offered Gary:

Behind Michigan in the race was Clemson, Auburn, and Rutgers (Gary is from New Jersey).

Whoever ended up offering this money to Gary, it doesn't really matter. The reality is that every school paid Gary in some form. Michigan fans will take this as a chance to brag about how clean their program is and how dirty others are:

This is the funniest part of college football to me. Every fan thinks every program is dirty, except for theirs. Michigan is dirty. Clemson is dirty. Ohio State is dirty. They are all DIRTY. You think Rashan Gary allegedly turned down $300k to play for $0 in Michigan? Come on, folks. Let's be real.