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Weezy Wednesdays: A Milli

Weezy Wednesday is back people! We're going full on commercial hit with A Milli this week. It's been a great content few weeks of content at/around the barstool office. I can humbly say I've been apart of three 1 million view videos in the last 10 days. (We don't talk about 1 of them because Dave got mad at me but it happened).
So what better way to celebrate than by smoking a nice L and bumping A Milli at an ignorantly high volume for a Wednesday evening.

I couldn't throw this song on without including probably my personal favorite music video of all-time. The level of creativity to shoot a music video of a music video is other worldly genius. I can't even imagine what its like to be in the shoes of Weezy and have all those people following you around all the time from fans, security, agents, managers, makeup, cameras and sound it must be an absolutely whirlwind 24/7. I wonder if he can even remember the last time he walked down the street normally. The guy has been touring the world since he was 15 with the Hot Boyz and has never looked back. Shoutout to the GOAT King Weezy.

lighter flick inhales

My footwork is off the charts.

Still haven't gotten over the PTSD from getting stuffed on that private plane.

I'm an asshole. No further comment.