BREAKING: Barstool Will Be Utilizing The Twitch Channel On A Full-Time Basis - Here's The Starting Schedule (For Now)

Here ye! Here ye! Come one, come all! Live entertainment, huzzah! We have the explanation of what’s going on above in the live Twitch feed (ask anything!) and the schedule below. Everything in the schedule is tentative and, in fact, will be growing exponentially. It does NOT include potential guests and live events like electric chairs and IRL streams. But for now, here is what we’ve got:

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 11.49.53 AM


12-1: Barstool Gametime
1-2: Barstool Book Club: Renaissance Hour with Mush
2-3: Minecraft or My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox

8pm: Monday Night Mush (Football Szn)


12-4: Barstool Happy Hour w/ Smitty
3-4: Fantasy Football Waiver Wire w/ Clem, Hank, Rone, and others

8pm: Carrabis and Hubbs Starting 9 Live Watch


12-1: Conspiracy Hour w/ Coley and Jack Mac
1-2: Primal Mantis

8pm: Barstool Gametime


12-3: Barstool Happy Hour w/ Smitty

8pm: Marty’s Thursday Night Ratbags (Football Szn)


12-1: Barstool Gametime
1-2: Inside Barstool Sports w/ Vibbs
2-3: My Mom’s Basement Hour w/ Robbie Fox
3-4: Schnitt Talk Live w/ Ellie


8pm: Barstool Gametime

Barstool is taking Twitch and live entertainment to the next level, and not just gaming. May God have mercy on all souls. Mostly mine after last night.