It's Absolutely Embarrassing For Eli To Be Compared To Guys Beneath Him Like Derek Jeter And Mariano Rivera

I’m sorry, we’re comparing the most overrated athlete in Derek Jeter to one of the best in Eli Manning? That’s just flat out rude to Eli. There’s no way he should be labeled in the same group as these guys. Sure I hate the Yankees but I love the Knicks and am man enough to admit Patrick Ewing shouldn’t be in the same breath as Eli.

Eli has 2 rings, Ewing didn’t deliver one. It’s as simple as that when it comes to Ewing and Eli. I won’t slander Ewing too much because he’s the best player the Knicks have had in the last 3 decades. But I don’t remember him celebrating like this

And before I get into it – settle down Yankees fans. I know you bums have 27 rings and Jeter/Mo won a bunch of them. However, Jeter’s career is tainted. He only became Derek Jeter because of cheating. That’s right. I’m still talking about this bullshit.

Perhaps I’m still bitter about this little shit causing a shift in franchises. Jeffrey Maier single-handedly jumpstarted the Yankees in the 90s. He also caused the Orioles to go to shit. You can’t change my mind about it. I’ve lived my life under this theory forever. Let’s also not forget that Derek Jeter is technically, statistically a below average/negative defensive player. Eli Manning is not a negative defensive player according to stats and those are just facts.

Eli also doesn’t need luck or cheating in order to be successful. He pulls off plays all on his own in order to win championships

Am I lashing out because I despise the Yankees and love the Giants? Perhaps. But we’re just weeks away from the NFL season and me ready to say goodbye to Eli in his 3rd swan song season in a row. Eli made being a Giants fan relevant again since I’m not old enough to remember the LT days. That’s all I care about as a fan. Deliver me some wins and be relevant. I’ll take the two Super Bowls for goofy faces and slides. Plus, this picture makes his entire career worth it