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According To Vegas Oddsmakers Money Is Coming In BIG On The Bears For The Super Bowl

(ESPN)–Bettors have spoken: The Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns — and their young quarterbacks — are public darlings at Las Vegas sportsbooks.

There are more bets on the Bears to win the Super Bowl than there are on any other team at multiple sportsbooks. The Browns are right behind the Bears in Super Bowl bets.

“It’s been kind of overwhelming, the support [for the Bears],” Alan Berg, senior oddsmaker for Caesars Sportsbook, said. “Every time the Bears go to the playoffs, the following year, the money just pours in. Everybody gets optimistic.”

The Bears are 9-1 to win the Super Bowl at Caesars Sportsbook, the fourth-best odds behind the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, who are co-favorites at 7-1, and the New Orleans Saints at 17-2. The Browns are 10-1.

I absolutely love this. I love the optimism around the Bears. Chicago is without a doubt a better city to live in when the Bears are good. People are happy. People have hope. And now Vegas is saying that nobody has more hope than any other team in the NFL. I can’t help but think that the line where he says “the money pours in” whenever the Bears make the playoffs felt like a bit of a shot at us. Like Vegas is calling us a bunch of fat stupid midwestern idiots

 mood when you realize Vegas thinks you’re dumb

If believing in the Bears is wrong then I don’t want to be right. And maybe I just think that because…I am these people. I haven’t placed a Super Bowl futures bet yet, but when the Bears win total line came in at 9.5 I absolutely HAMMERED it. I know all the things people say. That the schedule is harder, that the Bears won’t sneak up on anyone this year. They can’t count on being SO healthy again two years in a row. FUCK. THAT. What is the point of being a fan if you can’t look at the schedule, squint a little bit, and find a path to 12 wins?

I don’t even think you have to squint that hard or be THAT delusional. The Defense will be the Defense. It’ll be a dominant group, again. It’ll win a bunch of games by itself. Then the offense just needs to be a litttttttttlllllleeee bit better. A little more explosive in the running game with David Montgomery instead of Jordan Howard. A little more efficient in the passing game with Mitch Trubisky in year 2. And you know…a kicker who isn’t a complete fucking liability. Add it up and that looks like home-field advantage throughout and a date with Baker Mayfield in Miami. Bear DOWN.