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The Sixers Need To Offer Josh McCown A Roster Spot And They Need To Do It Yesterday

So I know that this video is a few years old but with Josh McCown coming out of retirement to sign with the Eagles, it’s been making its way back around the internet again. And all I can say is that if Josh McCown is already going to be in Philly to backup Carson Wentz, why not at least just leave a spot open for him on this Sixers team? I mean film don’t lie. He looks like a better, blonde version of TJ McConnell out there. Which is exactly what this Sixers team needs right now that TJ is gone. They need that gym rat, coaches son, high motor type of guy who is going to play with a ton of grit and a ton of energy. You catch my drift.

And who better to be the first dual-pro athlete in Philadelphia than a backup quarterback? This city loves backup quarterbacks. This city treats backup quarterbacks like gods. It’s not even just Nick Foles winning the Super Bowl. You’ve got people in Philadelphia who will legitimately tell you that Koy Detmer is one of their top 5 favorite Eagles of all time. And on top of the fact that this city worships backups, it also just makes sense from a logistical purpose. I mean how much time is Josh McCown actually going to see on the field? In a perfect world, he gets in a few games this year and that’s only when the Eagles already have shit wrapped up and they just want to take Carson out for precautionary reasons. So it’s not like he needs to save his legs or anything for Sundays. He can be out there playing in a Saturday night home Sixers game, and then head straight across the street the next day for the Birds. He can knock down shots, he’s already going to be at the Sports Complex anyway, and he’ll instantly become a Philly sports legend. I don’t think there’s ever been an idea that makes more sense.


Unless, of course, the Eagles decide to run McCown at receiver when he doesn’t need to fill in for Carson.