The WEEI Ship Continues To Sink As John Rish Flat Quits Rather Than Take A Pay Cut


Bostonsportsmedia - BSMW has learned and confirmed that Jon Rish has given his notice and will be leaving the Red Sox broadcasts, and the radio business altogether. This is just the latest in a series of personnel changes at Entercom Boston under VP/GM Jeff Brown. Rish is said to have been asked to take a significant paycut, something which is becoming commonplace at WEEI. It says something that a person would give up a position as a radio play-by-play voice for the Boston Red Sox in order to get out of the business altogether. Instead, Rish has given his notice, and will be available to the station/network until 4/24, but it is not yet clear how things will proceed over the next two weeks. It won’t be the last exit from WEEI, as sources say that at least three of the top sales executives for the station will be leaving, and long-time sponsor Giant Glass will be pulling out as well.

Good to see things are still going well over at WEEI. Just another day and another guy quitting or getting fired or whatever. Honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any company/empire crumble faster than what is happening at WEEI. It’s borderline surreal. Two years ago they had a strangle hold on Boston. They had a monopoly. No competition, no signs of slowing down.  It was all roses pedals and gumdrops.

Sure guys like Chad Finn predicted the demise back in 2009 saying WEEI was sitting on fools gold. That the only reason they were so successful had nothing to do with the quality of their programs, but rather was because listeners had no sports alternatives in Boston.  But WEEI scoffed at that notion. They were beyond reproach. They thought they were invincible. Well today they are on the verge of going out of business. In fact at this rate you have to wonder how much longer they even stay in business. My guess is once the Red Sox contract ends so will WEEI as a viable station. Simply a stunning fall from grace.  To be honest it’s gotten so bad that I’m not even sure firing Jason Wolfe and making him become my Butler would save them at this point. It may be too late.


PS – As much as I hate the Big O I still kind of liked to hear Giant Glass is pulling out their advertising as he’s sitting next to Dennis Drinkwater rubbing it in Jason Wolfe’s eye.