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Trilly Does Dallas!

Howdy yall! This means “hello bitch!” in Texas, as I have learned. A few tidbits about our weekend:

1. Dallas has brutal summers and ice storms in the winter. I imagine the remaining two seasons are extreme as well. During Spring, it monsoons every single day and the highways are shut down during Autumn while literal billions of leaves clog the roads.

2. Brian Scalabrine is a liar. He said he makes omelets with only eggs and cheese. I said that’s not an omelet, that’s eggs and cheese. It got heated:

3. I went to the Book Depository and when we were getting close, my Lyft driver asked if he should drop me off “where that dude got shot”. 5 stars, 80% tip.

4. At Dealey Plaza, a man asked if I’d like to see a binder of JFK autopsy photos in HD color. I declined respectfully. It was a nice binder though.

5. The American Airlines Center has more food/drink options than any Airlines Center I’ve ever been to. A BEVY of options.

6. Jamario Moon has the best shoe game in the Big 3. Proof soon cometh.

7. As bad as press conferences look on TV, they are much worse in person. For every awful question you hear that made it to the broadcast, there are 10 more that don’t make it to TV. I preferred to get my terrible questions out of the way early.

8. Lisa Leslie kicked us out of practice. She was right to do it and as someone that has been asked to leave numerous establishments, I saw it coming from a mile away.

9. As Devlin pointed out, I’ve had three separate interactions with Charles Oakley and I’ve survived each interaction without Mr. Oakley running my pockets like a red light. Thankful.

10. RIP Cedric Benson. He ran harder than just about anyone I’ve ever seen his first full year in Cincy and helped carry a mediocre offense to the postseason. I’m not sure if the details have come out yet, but please be careful riding motorcycles and driving around motorcyclists. There’s no joke or punchline here.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this a successful weekend, especially the fine folks at the Big 3 and E&J Gallo. We’ll be dropping pics, vids, and audio from this past weekend randomly so stay tuned. The countdown until the title game in LA (9/1) has begun.