Unreal Story: A Man Was Found Hiding In A Handmade Solar-Powered Bunker For Over 3 Years After Fleeing From The Authorities

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CNN – A Wisconsin man wanted on charges of incest, child sexual assault and possession of child pornography has been hiding out for more than three years in a solar-powered makeshift bunker, according to police.

According to CNN affiliate WSAW, Jeremiah Button had been out on a $25,000 bond for about 18 months and was two weeks away from trial when he vanished in early 2016.

Let’s get this out of the way right from the beginning: this dude is a disgusting freak. The charges he is wanted for are gross, and I’m glad he got caught.

Now, let’s set that aside for a bit and discuss the absolutely unreal story of how he’s been in hiding for 3+ years.

Button told Deiler that when he decided to run, he chose the area for his bunker because of the woods and its access to the Ringle landfill.

Deiler said Button told him that once he got the area dug out, he brought in canned goods, a flat-screen TV and other things he thought he would need for survival.

Button told police he took in one backpack load of supplies after another until he was ready to make the move permanently. He left his car, wallet and ID at his mother’s home along with a note that said he was moving to Florida.

Deiler said he rode in a train’s coal car to the Wausau area and then walked for two days to get to the bunker.

I’m honestly shocked that this doesn’t happen more often. When you’re waiting on a trial, it could take months or even years before they actually put you behind bars. I’ve always said that if I were looking at serious jail-time, they would have to come find me somewhere in Brazil. Well this guy decided to stay more local, but he did a damn good job of staying covered. He had 18 months to prepare for this, so he dug out a bunker in the woods, and then he loaded up on canned goods.

Honestly, credit to him if he’s lived on canned goods for 3+ years. I’d be dead in like two weeks. I mean, what is the best canned good, Spaghetti-Os? Gross. I’d live off eating straight peanut butter for lunch and straight gravy for dinner until my system decided to shut down. Also, credit to him for figuring out how to work a flat screen TV in a cave. All from installing a solar panel system in the 18 months he was awaiting sentencing.



Smart. But what if it were cloudy and the big game was on? It’s one thing to not have to go to jail, but is it really worth it if you can’t watch football on Saturdays? Well, he had that covered, too.

Button told police that he had solar power to run his TV, radio, fans and lights. He made a generator with a bicycle that he would pedal if he needed an additional power source.

A TV, radio, fan, lights, AND he didn’t have to interact with people? Damn, this doesn’t sound like too bad of a gig. But I still don’t get how he lived there for 3 years. Like I understand that he loaded up on canned goods, but at some point he would need more reinforcements, right? And how does this end for him? Was he really planning on living there until he died? He would certainly need to find a way to get more supplies.

Over the course of three years, Button told police, he made daily and nightly trips to the Ringle landfill on a bicycle for things like clothes, food, tools, equipment and electronics. The bunker grew cluttered, which forced him to make the cave even deeper.

Deiler told CNN that the setup was “relatively elaborate” and that he couldn’t believe the “level and extent this gentleman went” to develop the area.

Yeah I would say that “relatively elaborate” is a good way to put it. Look at this place he built. This has more shit in it than I own.

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I wish this guy weren’t charged with child sexual assault, because anything else and I’d have been on his side. This dude is literally Andy Dufresne before he went away to Shawshank. He made a tunnel!


So apparently he got caught because a guy was hunting in the woods and he tracked steps all the way back to the door. He got the police and they found the guy completely covered in camo. Now he’s obviously going away for much longer. Makes you think….was running away really worth it? Best case scenario he had to live by himself in a cave eating canned food and recycled items for the rest of his life. Now he’s going to jail for a long time…..and I heard they don’t treat child sexual assaulters very well there. He’s got great experience on how to live in solitary though!