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Mark Sanchez Posts Video Of His Toenail Being Removed

This is like some hardcore porn for Rex. Like you know every now and then when you cue up a video thats real aggressive? You know, most often you’re just pulling up a standard video, skim through a couple different positions, fast forward to the money shot and bingo bango thats your usual session. But every now and then you need to dial it up a notch and all the sudden you find yourself watching double anal or some bondage shit? Something thats downright violent? As soon as you finish up you need to X out immediately because someone is throwing up or something is prolapsing and you’re almost disgusted at yourself?

Thats what this is for Rex. Ordinarily he just wants some smooth feet and some nice painted nails but every now and then when he wants to push the envelope he starts watching toenails getting ripped off.