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No One Has Ever Loved Anything As Much As Jack White Loves Baseball


Going to a game even knowing ahead of time that you can only stay for a few innings is already an incredibly respectable move. Plenty of people, rightfully so, would view it as a waste of time knowing they wouldn’t be able to stay for the entire game. But Jack White was supporting his guys singing the anthem pregame and figured he may as well stick around and catch a few innings of roundball between some squads battling it out for the playoffs. For someone who is known for taking extreme pride in his craft – especially his live shows – to pick three innings of Nats-Brewers over extra preparation time for his show that very night is enough to put him in the top tier of baseball fans alone.

And then he decided to cement his status as far and away the biggest baseball fan I’ve ever heard of. More than Foul Ball Guy, more than Jerry Carrabis, more than anyone. Because to leave the park, go perform a whole concert for a couple of hours, catch wind that very game is still going on, and decide to do anything other than say, “Damn that’s crazy,” and instead OPT TO GO BACK TO THE PARK TO CATCH THE ENDING is a level of passion I simply cannot comprehend. Especially considering Jack White is very much not a Nats or Brewers fan. Nor is he a Cubs fan.


The Detroit native just fucking loves baseball. So much so that he plays PICK UP BASEBALL ROUTINELY WHILE ON TOUR and has also invested over $3.5 million towards a bat manufacturing company. Playing pick up baseball past the age of like 16 is something I thought people stopped doing once polio was cured. Nope, Jack White is very much out getting his 17 closest friends together routinely to get a quick nine innings in. At least when there isn’t an extra-inning slugfest going on in the nation’s capital.

PS – I don’t want to be a whistle-blower here but every ticket to every event ever very clearly states there is no re-entry once you exit the premises. I’m not saying the security is lackluster at National’s Park, but I’m also not not saying that.