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Sodiq Yusuff Improves Nigerian UFC Fighters To 20-1 With Exciting KO

Super Sodiq Yusuff just proved himself as a massive name to watch going forward tonight in Anaheim with an INCREDIBLY exciting KO over Gabriel Benitez. He begun the fight by coming forward like a fuckin savage, walking Benitez down, landed some massive, massive, shots, ATE some massive shots, and even got rocked! He survived, though, overcame that adversity, and closed in for the finish within the first! Absolutely awesome fighting, and afterwards, with Joe Rogan, Yusuff said he made it a point to come out and be exciting tonight, not just “fight safe”. That mentality may not always work out for the best, but I’ll tell ya what – when it does, that’s how stars are made, and I think Sodiq Yusuff may just be a star in the making. He’s got a phenomenal backstory as well, and is one of four Nigerian fighters in the UFC. Combined, they’re 20-1, which is…a ridiculous stat. Fuck it, though, I’m all in on Yusuff.

Now, onto Romero/Costa, Diaz/Pettis, and Cormier/Miocic II, which has gotta be the best three fight stretch of the year on paper. Please, MMA Gods, let these fights deliver!

P.S. Somebody’s gotta tell that dope Joe Rogan don’t hand out the bonuses. It was awkward as hell when he was asking him for that $50k.