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'I Couldn't Be A Catcher, I'm Much Better At Getting High' - All The Highlights From Bill Walton's Unreal MLB Announcing Debut

Tonight the White Sox made the greatest decision in baseball history. Yeah, that’s right. The best decision ever. They let Bill Walton call an entire game. Why? Well, why not? But as for the possible answers, of course because it was tie-dye night and the 50th anniversary of Woodstock:

And we get started with a little pregame unnamed galaxies talk, not shocking at all


Walton talking a little Spanish with Ozzie. Everything about this clip just sort of sums up what we’re all about to witness. Music trying to cut Walton out. Walton having no idea/not caring. Benetti laughing. Random conversation in Spanish

Clear eyes, full bongs, can’t lose

Little fact here – Bill Walton has been dead for years according to Bill Walton. Can’t say he’s not lying, I mean it all checks out

We’re doing Chewbacca screams for foul balls in the top of the 1st


Wait a goddamn minute here. Is this … is this actual baseball talk with how to throw a changeup?

This is it. This is the exact reason why we came for Walton. Talking about a catcher he dropped the line of the night

You know what? Fuck it. Let the stuff carry over so triple plays can happen even if it’s physically impossible. Why not? 162 games is way too long, let’s get even weirder


Bill Walton FUCKING loves the hit and run. Loves it.

‘Too high. Too high.’ That scene from Major Life came to life thanks to Bill

Never seen a team come back from 2 runs down.

The dude just loves bunts. I mean when do we realistically think was the last time he saw a bunt? I know he’s been to a couple games this year, but we gotta be thinking in terms of him paying attention? It’s been years, especially with a run to go with it


In fairness, this a legit question. Could technically be 4.

You give Walton a guy with the last name Trout who is also really, really, really damn good he’s going to run with it

Bill Walton has no desire for that missionary stuff. Folks, we’re talking about some late night kinky stuff with Bill

Whether he knows it or not he’s an accidental prophet. I mean he’s out here calling grand slams before they happen. This is why he’s must-listen TV. You just never know exactly what the hell you’re going to get


Just an A+ show from Bill tonight. Really it just makes me pissed with how far away we are from college hoops season. Let’s get him in for a late night college football game.