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Danica Patrick's Cure For Having "Heavy Energy" On A Full Moon? Take An Ice Bath

You may have missed it, but yesterday was a full moon. I missed it. I never know when it's a full moon. However, for some, they follow the moon patterns like a religion. It's said that it relates to your energy or something. Who knows.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.50.34 PM

"Energy has been heavy." I have absolutely not idea what that means. Here is the only definition I could find online:

SOURCE-Every encounter results in heavy energy: the meeting of energies that are not compatible, not the same, or not in harmony, results in more density. This is the awareness of the other person being different, creating the experience of separation, of division. But it is also the creation of irritation, amazement, ideas, convictions, assumptions, excitement, longing, habits, rules, choices. ...... The point is that heavy energies should become light again as soon as they do not serve a purpose anymore: when your judgements start to hinder clear vision, when your emotions get in the way of being present in the moment, when fixed habits hinder reactions in the here and now.

Hmmmm. Still don't get it. However, if Danica Patrick believes it exists, I'm a believer.

Hopefully, this ice bath and the coming and going of the full moon allowed her to reset her heavy energy into light energy. Maybe Aaron Rodgers could try this for a reset on the heavy energy he has with this family.