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Fuck This Kid At The LLWS Who Gave Up A Bomb And Then High-Fived The Hitter As He Crossed Home Plate

We live in a terrible time right now. The world has gone so soft. For some it’s okay to lose and be happy for the winner. That’s not my America. You give up a home run at Williamsport you better have a mean streak come over ASAP and lock in to strike out the next hitter. What the hell is this high-fiving bullshit as the guy who just took you to the moon is rounding third? Sportsmanship is the WORST!

If I’m this guys teammate I’m fighting him in the dugout. At the bare minimum I’m giving him a good shove and saying, “What the fuck man?” We’re in WILLIAMSPORT for crying out loud. This is every kid’s dream. You’re not there to lose games. You’re among the best little league teams in the world. You’re there to win the whole thing and yet here you are celebrating the other team’s home run? That video made me throw up.


You think when we won our independence over Great Britain in 1776 they were there at the finish line ready to shake our hand and say “good war?” Fuck no. When your girl leaves you for another guy do you go over to him at the bar and dap him up congratulating him? No! You plot his demise and try to get your girl back. You poison his drink. He frame him for murder. You do whatever you can to seek vengeance on that asshole.

We need to stop sportsmanship. I’m fine if a guy gets hurt on the other side and you help him up. That’s just being classy, but Jesus Christ what happened to the backbone of this country? We’re about winning and that’s it. Nothing gets me off more than winning and nothing makes more miserable than losing. If you don’t live your life like that then I don’t want to know you. There’s no consolation prizes in this world. Win or go home. In 2019 and beyond we’re out on sportsmanship. Let’s change America.

I didn’t really have plans to become a father anytime soon, but the thought of leading a team to Williamsport full of assholes who all play like Manny Machado and just bully their way past people is kind of awesome.