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Mike Francesa Calling Boogie's Injury A "Blessing" Is Quite The Take

I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to Francesa so maybe this is normal for him, but holy shit this might be the worst take I’ve ever heard. Someone experiencing a non contact knee injury that may very well end his career is a “blessing”? What a dickhead stance to take. I don’t care if you absolutely hate a certain player, and frankly I don’t really know what his beef is with Boogie, but that doesn’t even matter. Given what Boogie went through over the last 2+ years how on earth was this ACL injury a blessing? Is this just a case of Francesa being a contrarian or something because the entire internet and basketball world has the complete opposite stance on this whole thing? Like even if you think Boogie has the worst attitude in the league, kills locker rooms, is a team cancer, all of that, I can’t even fathom being 100% serious with a take like that.


Even if he meant this was a blessing for the Lakers, that’s still outrageous. Look at their depth chart at center right now, it’s JaVale McGee, that’s it. Boogie was going to be an X-factor for them, was on low money and proved in both NO and GS that he isn’t this locker room cancer. I always felt like Boogie got a bad rap in that regard because those Kings teams always stunk. Whenever we’ve seen Boogie on a good team whether it was Team USA, the Pelicans or the Warriors he was never a problem so why would he suddenly be one in LA? They were a team that actually needed him and he most likely was going to have a real role on a team trying to contend for a title so I don’t know where Mike would be going with that angle either.

Now in terms of Melo and the Nets? I’m with him on that one and I blogged it the other day. That has to happen. Need the drama of Melo playing well for the other NY team after the Knicks turned their back on him earlier this summer. But calling Boogies injury a blessing, well that’s pretty terrible.