Hottest Trend In Asia Is To Get Plastic Surgery That Gives You A Permanent Smile

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Huff PoEarlier this week a bizarre photo hit Reddit, purportedly showing the results of a new plastic surgery trend. The user claimed the girl in the picture had undergone a “new plastic surgery in Asia that curls the corners of your lips.” While the authenticity of the photo hasn’t been confirmed, the surgery appears to be a real thing. As pointed out by Business Insider, the AONE clinic in South Korea is responsible for the procedure, which gives the patient the appearance of a permanent smile. Dr. Kwon Taek Keun, the clinic’s founder, spoke about the “mouth corner lift” surgery in 2012 at a yearly international convention for plastic surgeons. Here’s how he described the results of the procedure on the conference’s website: “Mouth corners lift up very naturally after surgery, and although mouth corners stay upturned on an impassive face, they lift up even more distinctively during a smile.” AONE‘s YouTube video (seen above) details the surgery, dubbed the “smile lipt” (a combination of the words “lift” and “lip”), and its presumed benefits. The footage is also full of terrifying before-and-after pictures.

If I was an Asian chick I’d need plastic surgery to make me smile too. I mean whats the best case scenario if you’re an Asian woman? The best you can hope for is that you get selected to be a gymnast where they basically ship you off to an internment camp and turn you into a circus performer for the next 15 years while you train for the Olympics. If you’re not a gymnast, you’re essentially destined to be a TV news anchor woman who gets bukkaked at her desk. There’s always room to be an amateur porn star. Maybe you can be a geisha, which I’m pretty sure is just an Asian hooker. Or, if you really have no discernible skills or talents, you can be one of those girls that make internet videos crushing rabbits and stepping on small animals. These are basically the career paths for Asian chicks.

So its not too shocking these bitches are curling their lips like the fucking Joker in order to smile. Like “welp I’ve been sexually assaulted one too many times on the public bus, I don’t think I’m ever gonna smile again. Might need to permanently plaster a grin on my face because its never coming naturally ever again.” Must be creepy as fuck when these weirdos are sad and crying and they still have that lip all tucked up there. Permagrin on an Asian is something straight out of my nightmares.