Logic Just Announced He Has A Baby And Album On The Way, I Think?

I may or may not have expressed it on here, but Logic is an inspiration to me and my favorite artist. Logic just dropped "No Pressure Freestyle" (DJ'd by Rhetorik) which caught my eyes fast because his debut album "Under Pressure" is still my favorite and arguably his best project. As a Logic fanatic, I have so many questions from this video:

  1. At the :57 mark, Logics spits "On this Under Pressure sequel, we not taking it back". What will this new project be about? Under Pressure was about his life growing up in Maryland dealing with his parents and gang related neighborhoods. It was raw, real, and help boast his underground notoriety closer to the mainstream.

At the 3:02 mark, Logic said he's having a little baby boy. At first, I thought he was calling a bluff, but then I saw he has a ring on his wedding finger again. I haven't seen that on since he and Jessica Andrea had divorced since last March.

I think she's still single btw.

Logic does like to troll the internet which I love about him, so I'll have to play the waiting game until then. He announced Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind out of nowhere in March, and had "Supermarket" a book and album release a month before that. Now it makes sense he has another project in the books set for this year!

I have a feeling most of the comments in here will be "Logic is corny af".  As someone who has listened to Logic from the beginning of his album career to now, I totally see what you mean. But he's still my favorite and I have my arguments on why he is good and can seem bad to others.  There's still 4 more months left and according to Logic, it's BobbyBoy All 2019