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FUCK THIS: DeMarcus Cousins Tore His ACL And Now People Think His Career Might Be Over

Fuck this, man. Boogie is absolutely one of my all time favorite players. I love everything about him – so much that I was able to overlook him playing for the Warriors and Lakers. The dude is just the best. I love that so many people hate him and just root against him.

But this is just brutal. The dude was one of the best bigs in the game until he had that nasty Achilles injury – which is arguably the worst injury in sports. Then he came back and hurt his quad in the playoffs. Now this? No one deserves that.

There’s a legit chance this could be it for Boogie. Those injuries kept piling up and people are just starting to offer him 1-year deals. Now, whether or not he’ll get another contract after this is up to date. But we’ve seen guys like Brandon Roy have to retire early because of injuries, Greg Oden, etc. I hope more than anything he comes back and dominates, like I said one of my all time favorite players.

I’ll always remember this version of Boogie: