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GTA Tournament of Champions - #3 Floppy Tesouro vs. #6 Jessie Rogers



#1 seed Leanna Bartlett crushed 8 seed Mermaid Amber. #2 seed Anastasia Ashley defeated #7 Galinka Mirgeava in a close 1st round showdown. Over 2,200 votes where in and with an average score of 4/10 the hottest surfer in the world advance. There’s 2 more spots in the Final 4. The next Matchup:

#3 Floppy Tesouro



#6 Jessie Rogers

Floppy the Argentinian Reef Girl vs. Jessie the Brazilian porn star. One of these girls has to lose, but the rest of us are all winners in this matchup. To be honest here – I don’t want to sway opinions – but I think we’ll see our first upset. That shot of Jessie’s ass from the floor is legendary.

But as always, we take it to a vote:

Vote 1 for #3 Seed Floppy Tesouro Vote 10 for #6 Seed Jessie Rogers

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