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If These New Nike Allegations From Michael Avenatti (Yes, Stormy Daniels' Lawyer) Proves Coach K Is Dirty He Should Be Viewed As An American Hero


[Yahoo] - In a filing that hints at the allegedly pervasive nature of payments to top prospects to play in Nike’s grassroots system, the document includes an apparent willingness to pay $35,000 to Zion Williamson and $20,000 to Romeo Langford while they were still in high school. There is no indication that either received the money or were even presented the deals.

* “Nike possessed text messages, emails, and other documents from 2016-17 … proving that Nike executives had arranged for and concealed payments often in cash to amateur basketball players and their families and ‘handlers.

This is where I’m between a rock and a hard spot. I hate the NCAA but I also hate Coach K and Duke. I think it’s bullshit that kids receive a little bit of money and get viewed as some massive scandal. Nah, they are just that talented someone deems they are worth that much. But then there’s Coach K.


The most condescending asshole in college hoops. Don’t get me wrong he’s a hell of coach, but he sucks. Whether he’s telling Dillon Brooks how to act and then lying about it, blowing through handshake lines, talking down to coaches, I’m sick of him. Oh, let’s not forget how he preaches excellence in the classroom and 4 year players only to adapt to taking one-and-dones because he was losing talent. And let’s not especially forget how he makes families of players cry when he preaches about ‘The Brotherhood.’

But the worst part about him and Duke? This notion that they are this clean program. It’s the biggest crock of shit out there. There are examples out there of the same shit people scream make Calipari and others dirty. The difference? Somehow the NCAA hasn’t punished Duke. I’m still under the impression that they are scared of K or he’s blackmailed someone. You want proof? Corey Maggette admitted to being paid (remember Marcus Camby had UMass’ Final Four vacated because he received benefits from an agent).

Lance Thomas obtained $100,000 worth of jewelry while still in college. What kid has $100,000 unless you’re receiving extra benefits? How many people now still have $100,000. Oh and how did Duke get off here? Well, simply, no one would talk to the NCAA. The jeweler kept his mouth shut so the NCAA couldn’t investigate. No big deal that if they talked and it was a violation we’re talking about a national title banner potentially coming down


Now let me clarify. Again, I don’t care that guys receive extra benefits. They should. I’ve screamed forever that players should make their own money off of name, likeness and image. The sport is way too big and making too much money for that not to happen. But at the same time people love screaming that Calipari and other major coaches are dirty by somehow leaving out Coach K.

At the same time I don’t trust Michael Avenatti. We’ve been down this road before with him accusing Nike and Zion getting money. It turned out he was extorting Nike and now here we are.

We’ll see what happens. I’m not banking on anything major here because Avenatti is desperate and just saying anything. But as I said – if he finally proves that Coach K is dirty he should be viewed as an American Hero and nothing less.