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Vanilla Ice Was Arrested For Burglary And The World Needs More Vanilla Ice

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In his defense, the door was left wide open…

THRVanilla Ice was arrested for burglary in Florida on Wednesday, Lantana, Fla., Police Chief Sean Scheller confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, was taken into custody for a burglary that happened adjacent to where he was renovating a home for his Vanilla Ice Project reality show, Scheller said…Numerous items including furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and other possessions were removed from the residence during the burglary, the press release added. During an investigation, authorities obtained a search warrant and found several of the stolen items at Van Winkle’s residence, leading the police to determine that the rapper “played a role” in the crime, the press release states.

First of all, why has nobody ever told me that Vanilla Ice has a reality show, and why is it on the DIY Network? You put that shit on MTV, brand it as a crossover between Pimp My Ride and Cribs, and you have yourself one of the best shows in television history. Second of all, I think this is exactly what Ice needed to get his career back on track. We haven’t really seen much of Mr. Van Winkle these days, unless you know what channel the DIY Network is on I guess. Pretty sure he tried to make a quick comeback on the music scene that didn’t really pan out. He got a sweet gig performing at a Texans game one time but that didn’t turn into full-time employment. And then he was also in That’s My Boy, which is a great movie by the way. Other than that, though, Vanilla Ice has pretty much been a ghost. But now he’s right back in the center of the news world. All eyes are back on Robert Van Winkle and this has successful comeback story written all over it. I need more Vanilla Ice in my life. I need him to stop, and collaborate with Kanye on a new track or something like that. Or bring him in to judge and perform at the Miss Universe pageant since they’ll let anyone in. I need commercials, billboards, basically everywhere I turn, I want to see Vanilla Ice for at least a few months before it gets old again. Because I think we all deserve something nice to happen in our lives for a while. So hopefully he was able to write a new album while he was locked up for a few hours before being released. And here’s to hoping that 2015 is the year of Vanilla Ice.


Also, here’s a clip from his show just in case you’re curious.