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In Defense Marshawn Lynch

 I know Nate doesn’t like Marshawn, this isn’t a shot at him, just simply my own opinion. 


I have a confession that I’m not even sure is a confession, I love Marshawn Lynch. I think he’s hilarious. I laughed out loud at his media day performance yesterday. Yes they were all the same answer but the way he answered them with a different tone was hysterical. I love the fact that he’s not exactly like every other person who gets in front of a microphone. If you had me pick Marshawn Lynch answering questions with the same 4 words or Russell Wilson being corny and talking about God I would take Marshawn Lynch every single day. And that’s the point. I’m not saying he shouldn’t get fined for wearing his hat. That is the rule, Urlacher got fined for the same thing on Media Day back in 2007, Marshawn broke the rule and he should pay the fine. I’m also not going to say he has some social anxiety disorder because he probably doesn’t. I’m not in the “leave Marshawn alone” crowd. People excusing him and making him out to be some poor soul are annoying as well. I simply find him funny. I don’t take any of these things too seriously and think its hilarious. I’m a person who is sick of the same stupid answers by athletes. Everyone is so scared these days to offend or say something controversial that PR guys for each team have completely stripped player’s of real opinions. Saying “the team played well, it was a great team effort, we have to focus on our next opponent” etc etc means nothing to me. Absolutely nothing. Marshawn Lynch is funny, just like Bill Belichick saying “We’re on to Cincinnati” was funny. I just don’t have time to get outraged over something like this. I’ll leave that to the stuffy 60 year old sportswriters that get angry anytime someone doesn’t play by their  rules. Basically the opposite of everything Barstool stands for. In summation, Marshawn should pay the fine, he’s not a victim, and I still find it hilarious and hope he never stops. I appreciate you axing about my stomach.