More Evidence That Notre Dame Will Indeed Go Undefeated In 2019

“We saw an opportunity to celebrate both the 150 years of college football and our school’s football heritage with throwback uniforms that will be worn throughout the 2019 season. Each uniform contributes a chapter to the history of college football in its own way, and uniquely resonates with the students, alumni and fans.” Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour

The stars are aligning for a breakthrough. ND has been knocking on the door for several years now. The days of people saying the Irish are irrelevant are over. ND is inching towards a Championship. They just hadn’t fully leaned on what makes Notre Dame, Notre Dame…talking about Notre Dame from 30 years ago. Bringing back the last championship season jerseys feels like that little bit of magic that ND has been missing. You see those mesh numbers and the black cleets, you hear the voice of Don Criqui calling Tony Rice TDs in your ears, and when you wipe the spit from Lou Holtz talking out of your eyes you can envision a National Championship in 2019-20. Full lean into the tradition with the uniforms and Lou Holtz on campus. Feels right. Feels like it’s time.