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Mike Francesa Trying To Calculate How Many Wins The Mets Will Need To Make The Playoffs Is A Thing Of Radio Beauty

That right there is why Mike Francesa is the Sports Pope and all of us are not. Anybody can talk X’s and O’s or Jimmys and Joes. However only Numbah One can simply carries the one along with a shit ton of dead air to keep his audience captivated. Usually a radio host doing basic arithmetic to figure out different ways to go from 61 wins to another amount of wins with the total of games equalling 162 is ridiculous enough. But that radio host trying to figure out how many wins are its going to take to win this clusterfuck full of teams that are going to play each other a million times over the next month and a half using nothing but a piece of paper is LOL funny.


Finally I have to give a hat tip to Eddie from Hoboken for being the perfect closer to a Mike video and calling out Mike for the multiple radio sins he committed before getting handwaved to hell. Put this video in the Radio Hall of Fame next to Mike’s bust with what I imagine is incredible flow and perfect teeth because the only thing it is missing from being a perfect Mike video are a few “Bluh Bluh Bluh”s and a swig of Diet Coke.