The Bulls Had The Best Win Of Their Season Last Night And Everything Is Seemingly Back On Track



Full disclosure, I had to watch this game on Gamecast, which may be the worst fate for any fan ever. Sit there with the little red ball going up trying to guess if it went in or not, pounding refresh over and over even though you’re on auto refresh, losing your mind because phantom points keep going up for each team without any explanaion. Anyway, I saw the highlights when I got up this morning and that is 100% the win of the season thus far. Against the best team in the NBA, on their court with no Jimmy Butler, heroics from Captain Kirk, who shouldn’t even still be playing, and a monster game from D-Rose. I’m also now ready to admit I think we all overreacted just a little bit during that 2 week slump. We forgot that those things happen in the NBA. You lose a couple of guys in your rotation, play a couple of tougher opponents with some cupcakes sandwiched in between and next thing you know you’ve dropped 5 out of 7 or 6 out of 8. It’s inevitable for every single team (minus the 96′ Bulls). They had a crisis, they had a come to god moment along with D-Rose publicly speaking out and everything righted itself.  All that anyone should worry about is health. The overall team in general and Joakim Noah in specific. If Jo can get back to 90% of last year’s Jo then the Bulls will be right there come spring time. The offense is in place but the closing lineup of Jo, Taj, Dunleavy, Butler, and D-Rose will be the difference between winning and losing come playoff time. Jo is the guy that makes that all work.




Think the media will come down off the ledge on the whole “Thibs on the hot seat” story line? Never seen a coach as good as Thibs get persecuted so much. And I’m not buying the whole Front Office leaking stories thing Jeff Van Gundy said last week. I like JVG but he always has the coach’s back and Thibs is his boy. I think it’s simply the fact that the media can’t beat up Derrick Rose right now and need someone to pick on. Nothing more nothing less.