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Do the Red Sox Owners Still Not Understand How Repulsive All Red Sox Fans Find Them To Be?


I just couldn’t ignore this. Tom Werner forcing NESN to interview him before Opening Day today. I swear I haven’t seen this dude in what feels like 2 years since the Sox became the laughing stock of MLB. Now the Sox get off to a quick start and he’s front and center again. Listen I like this team. I think they are in it for the long haul, but Lucchino, Werner and Henry make it so god damn hard to root for them. They are just so fucking repulsive. Hey guys do you not get that you literally make people’s skin crawl? That I literally puke in my mouth every-time you guys talk? Why do you have to be front and center every time things are going decent? It’s just so disgusting. If you really want to win back the fans just shut up and disappear. Let Ben Cherrington and John Farrell handle all the baseball interviews. NOBODY wants to hear what you guys have to say about anything. Nobody. I can’t stress this enough. If you really cared about the fans you’d shut up, disappear and let us just enjoy the team.