Amazon's New Facial Recognition Software Will Be Able To Recognize Fear


CNBC -Amazon said this week its facial recognition software can detect a person’s fear.

“With this release, we have further improved the accuracy of gender identification,” Amazon said in a blog post. “In addition, we have improved accuracy for emotion detection (for all 7 emotions: ‘Happy’, ‘Sad’, ‘Angry’, ‘Surprised’, ‘Disgusted’, ‘Calm’ and ‘Confused’) and added a new emotion: ‘Fear.’”

Black Mirror started off as just a weird captivating show, but now it seems like we’re actually getting there folks.

What the hell is even the point of this? I don’t want my Mom to know when I hate the sweater that she bought me for Christmas. The thought of her going up to this thing after Christmas morning and seeing my true emotion being “confused” and making her feel bad sucks.

And I know that this right now is probably only for recognizing faces outside of your front door, but that’s how it starts right? Once they get those suckers in then here comes it being installed in every nook and cranny in the house. Before you know it you’ll be living your own damn version of “The Real World” except there’s probably no hot tub and definitely no free alcohol stocked to the brim.

Keep this shit and all the armchair psychologists that are going to come from it far away from me.