Girl Texts Wrong Number "We Got High Together Girl", Turns Out The Wrong Number Was An On Duty Cop

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A funny wrong number text conversation with a Missouri cop has had the internet in stitches.

The sender was simply texting a friend to invite them to a baseball game, and even enticed them with a free hot dog and soda.

But unbeknownst to the person texting, the messages were being sent to a Winfield, Missouri Police Department officer.

I’d rather be waterboarded than accidentally text or initiate contact with someone I didn’t mean to.  Not saying I’ve texted cops “we got high together” when they were in the middle of their shift, but we’ve all done stupid shit like this before.  Maybe you’re arguing with your sister and go to text your other sister “Becky was being a complete twat today” then accidentally text Becky that she was, in fact, being a twat today.  Or maybe you want to show off the IG of the girl you hooked up with last weekend to your friends, but accidentally send the screen shot of her IG profile to her and not your HS friends’ group chat.  Whatever the situation is, it always leaves your mind racing and nothing good ever comes from it.

Take yesterday for instance.  Some chick followed me on Twitter who looked like she could be a smokeshow.  Her Twitter was linked to her IG so I start clicking through her pictures to do some investigative work.  Everything was going swimmingly until I accidentally double clicked on one of her IG pictures giving her a “heart” 30 seconds after she followed me on Twitter.  I freaked the fuck out for looking like an internet pervert but at that point I lost and I knew it.  I let her keep her coveted like, clicked out of her profile and carried on with my day fully knowing some girl from Austin TX thinks I’m going to turn her into a skin suit.  Win some, lose some.  I’ll come back tomorrow and try to be better, even though we all know I won’t be.

But I do NOT feel bad for the girl in the screen shots above.  She should have just trusted whoever was telling her it was a wrong number.  Just awful social awareness.  They responded “wrong number” so they either A. don’t want to hang out with your stoner ass or B. are actually the wrong number.  The fact that she carried on the conversation should be reason enough to incarcerate her for being a total idiot.  The world has enough of those, we don’t need any more living amongst us.  I’m the perfect example of that.