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There Is No Bigger Lie Than Rick Pitino Saying Bringing Strippers Into Dorms Doesn't Help Land Recruits

So Pitino gave another interview and it was pretty much a lot of the same old stuff. Him talking about how he didn’t know anything and how he’s mad Louisville fired Tom Jurich, the Athletic Director. Yada, yada, yada.

That is until he gets to the part of bringing strippers into the dorm. He really thinks bringing strippers into a dorm doesn’t help land recruits? I always thought Pitino was a top-5 coach of all time. But now? Now I question what he really knows. Maybe he needs to watch He Got Game


(Also the NSFW version that you can search, you know the scene)

We’re talking about guys that are thinking about hoops and girls. I mean what else are you thinking about when you’re like 18? I sure as shit wasn’t thinking about class. I wasn’t thinking about my future. You want to see some tits and get buckets.

That’s why this is a lie. Sure, Pitino may not have known it was going on (whatever you think about that) but don’t say it didn’t help land recruits.

Sneaky love Pitino saying he still ‘loves Kentucky 100%.’ Can never just let Louisville be by itself. That’s why Kentucky will always be the older brother. Louisville’s best coach ever (yes, Pitino > Crum) still loves your rival. Don’t hear John Calipari saying that.