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Derek Jeter Edges Out Matt Harvey As Hottest Baseball Player In New York

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NESN - The captain has trumped the phenom, at least this time. The New York Post recently gave some New Yorkers a wide-ranging sex survey (warning: most of it is inappropriate), and one question compared Derek Jeter and Matt Harvey, two of the city’s biggest baseball stars. The Post simply asked who was hotter, and Jeter took the crown. Jeter has played just a handful of games this year while battling a variety of injuries, while Harvey is one of the few bright spots on a struggling Mets team. While Jeter may be showing his years, Harvey has plenty more seasons to follow in Jeter’s footsteps, something the Mets pitcher has expressed interest in before.

Remember when Hakeem and the Rockets absolutely manhandled Shaq and the Magic in the ’95 Finals? After the series was over, Hakeem made a bunch of comments basically along the lines of “When this kid hits his prime, watch out. I’m glad I’ll be gone when that happens.” If we could ask Derek Jeter about Matt Harvey and the career of pussy slaying he has in front of him, I feel like The Captain would reiterate the same idea as The Dream. Like for this moment, just like the 95 Finals, the veteran is still on top. But going forward, when DJ retires to a life of Viagra filled blow jobs down in his Florida retirement home, New York City and all the pussy in it belongs to Matt Harvey.