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Fastest Tetris Round In The History of Gaming

NY PostIf you’ve ever played Tetris you need to watch this 20-second blitz. That’s everyone. Everyone has played Tetris. But not like Keroco, the block-jamming savant. In this genuine, real-time video, Keroco smashed out a “line race” in ridiculous time. A “line race” is completing 40 Tetris lines in as little time as possible. Mental Floss reports Keroco, a Japanese gamer, got it done in 19.68 seconds. In Tetris speak, that’s amazing. “Let me humbly submit that this may be the greatest achievement in the history of gaming,” wrote Tetris champ Ben Mullen. “This won’t make national news. But to be honest, it should.” And it did, Ben. Because you’re right. It should. This story originally appeared on

Whatever. Can you beat Quick Man without Flash Man’s Time Stopper? Thats the pinnacle of fast video game shit for me. If you can maneuver through those Laser Beams and beat that shifty little fucker without freezing time then I’m impressed. Fast Tetris, slow Tetris who gives a shit. T

PS – Can’t even imagine how many chicks Keroco got to bukkake after he broke this record.