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Dwight Howard Is Trending On Twitter Because People Are Pissed For The LAST Reason I'd Guess


So NBA2k put out the all-decade teams and we’ll get to that in a second. But the real thing here was last night/this morning I saw Dwight Howard trending. I got giddy for a second. When Dwight Howard is trending it could be ANYTHING and I mean anything. Apparently it wasn’t just me that was shocked.

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As you can see a wide range of emotions as to why Howard was trending. People thought he got signed. People thought he retired. People though he had a weird sexual encounter. That’s why I say with Dwight Howard anything is on the table.

But nope it was really just people arguing whether or not he should be on the 2010s All-Decade Team. You are a flat out moron and refuse to acknowledge how good he was if you think so. Just in the 2010s he was a 2x DPOY, 5x All-Star, 3x 1st Team All-NBA, 2 more 2nd and 3rd team. Simply put he’s been the best big man of the 2010s. Sure he stinks out loud now but that run he had from 2006-2014 is unbelievable.

I’m just confused how even got to trending. I don’t see AOC tweeting about him. I don’t see Donald Trump Jr. tweeting about him. I don’t see many with blue checkmarks arguing, having no idea what they are talking about. I thought that’s how you start trending? Or say the word union like Super Troopers and Shenanigans.

And yes, Dwight Howard is a Hall of Famer, yes he should be on the All-Decade Team.