Raiders Recap: Hard Knocks Week 2

Check out the fit on Musburger! You get to see that, the insane QB battle and FINALLY they give us a behind the scenes of the Antonio Brown feet situation!

Quick hits:

– Gruden is just the coolest, I could listen to his pre-game speeches on one of those 10 hour YouTube loops.

– We saw the feet and honestly, they weren’t as bad as I thought. They look like they’re on the mend which is great for the team going forward (the helmet situation notwithstanding) I also think he has a fundamental misunderstanding of what circumcision is.

– They had an extremely, extremely physical practice with the Rams. They had 2 big brawls which I found awesome. I’d love for them to become the bad boy Raiders that were the legends of the game.

– Brent Musburger is looking great! I wonder how much he put down on the first preseason game…

– The tape of their first preseason game was pretty cool, especially seeing Maxx Crosby’s injury from his perspective. He absolutely CRUSHED his hand on a play, and instead of staying out for the game he got it taped/cast up and went right back in.

– Seeing the Peter Man’s 50-yard run was incredible. Like watching a cheetah streak across the Serengeti on the hunt for a kill. Although more accurately, a weirdo Floridian looking for employment.

Overall it was an OK episode. To be honest, they just have to give us more about the AB situation. One of the biggest stories in the offseason happens to be on the team their covering and for some reason they won’t give it more exposure. I don’t know if they think it’s been covered enough in the press or what, but GIVE US MORE FEET AND HELMET DRAMA!