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HBO Is Making A College Football Hard Knocks, LET'S GOOO

(Source)–A documentary series modeled after HBO’s popular ‘Hard Knocks’ program is coming to college football.

According to various reports, Arizona State, Alabama, Washington State and Penn State have entered discussions to allow cameras and filmmakers on campus this season to shoot footage for an upcoming yet-to-be-revealed production on the popular cable channel.

Penn State released the following statement on Tuesday alluding to its potential involvement in the show: “As we do with all opportunities we feel can enhance our program, we are exploring the prospect of working on this project with the appropriate officials from all parties involved.”

HBO bringing the world what we really want, more football. This show will be incredible. And you know what…I think they made four GREAT choices for the programs. There should be lots of attractive B-roll coverage of the life style of a football player at Arizona State. Incredible scenery out there, and then you’ve got crazy ole Herm yelling things at players who have know idea what he’s talking about because they were born in 2001. Mike Leach was born to be on this type of show. He will be sensational. HBO defintiely needed a blue blood midwestern school. I am guessing that Notre Dame passed because they don’t like to work with other schools and they had their own version of this on Showtime a few years ago. Penn State was really the only option because Ohio State definitely didn’t want cameras around for violations. The cameras don’t bother Saban because if you film something he doesn’t like then he will just have you killed. All around a pretty perfect four team selection by HBO. Something College Football has never really been able to do.


I can not wait for college football season and this is the exact type of news I needed to carry me to the Miami-Florida game in 11 days. This news and hype videos