Ochocinco Is Apparently Taking Bradley Beal To Dinner To Convince Him To Join The Heat, Because Of Course He Is

Obviously Bradley Beal is not a free agent right now, which is why I find this absolutely hilarious. Ochocinco is out here tampering (can we call it tampering?) for the Heat with Beal becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2021. Just a reminder it’s August 2019 as you read this. You do the math.

Now, Beal is likely the next major domino to fall in the league. The Wizards should trade him. They aren’t even coming close to competing with him on the roster right now. Trade him for a haul of picks/young players and try to build over again. He’s been linked to the Celtics, Heat and pretty much every other team in the league at some capacity. In theory he could form a ‘Big 3′ or join someone like Butler and have another two-man duo that joins the NBA Jam list we currently have.

But this is about Ochocinco. I’m so fascinated by him. He’s a gem on social media. He loves McDonald’s – like really loves McDonald’s.

He’s breaking news of major arrests

And now he’s an official tamperer for the Miami Heat. I love it. I’m sort of cheering for Beal to end up in Miami now and just openly say that it’s because of Ocho. Can you fine the Heat for that?

Oh and let me save you … this league.