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Watch This Irish Crowd Sing Along To A Bass Groove Perfectly

So while this video ain’t new, it has made its way to the top of r/happycrowds in recent times – which is my favorite subreddit – and it’s a preeeeetty slow news day, so I decided we’re gonna talk about it! This is an instrumental song called ‘Dean Town’ by a band called Vulpeck who are one of the most talented, tight groups I’ve ever heard. I’m not super familiar with all of their stuff, but one my my best friends introduced ‘em to me last year and just blew my mind with…well, shit like this.

You know how great and melodic a bass line has got to be for a crowd to sing along to it like this?! It’s unheard of! That’s YYZ in Rio type shit!

I love how clearly you can see everybody having a blast on stage as soon as the crowd starts really popping off, too. It honestly looks like the most fun time ever.