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Giannis Looked As Terrifying As Ever In His FIBA World Cup Tune Up


I’ll admit, I haven’t really heard of Iran being talked about as a basketball powerhouse, but I’m not really focused on them. You may remember just last week Giannis came out and said he would give up his MVP from last season if it meant that he could win gold with Greece in this summer’s FIBA World Cup and it certainly looks like he’s in top form as we get closer and closer to that tournament starting. And sure, that highlight video may look like it was filmed on a Motorola Razor but it’s good enough and frankly was the only footage I could find and it certainly does the trick. There’s just something about watching Giannis go coast to coast like a goddamn gazelle and dunk it with such ease he looks like he’s playing against children. I mean he does stuff like this every single night in the NBA against the best players of the world so yeah there’s no chance Iran was going to stop him but even still it’s fun to watch.

That third dunk after the block and going coast to coast? That’s some shit you would do as a basketball camp counselor against your little kids on an 8ft hoop. It’s pretty clear Iran didn’t watch one second of film of what the Raptors did to contain Giannis which in hindsight was pretty stupid. You have to build a wall. The second you allow him to get downhill and build momentum in the paint it’s over for you. Don’t even think of letting him pull off his spin move either because he’s going to dunk on your face.

The latest odds I saw had Greece with the 5th best odds to win the whole thing at +2000, and while there are definitely more talented teams like the US and Serbia, nobody currently playing in this tournament has shown the ability to stop Giannis (even on the US team) so who knows. Giannis could no nuclear and pull off the miracle. It’ll probably look something like this