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People Fired Up Because New Upper West Side Condo Will Have Separate Entrances For The Rich And Poor

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NY Post- The poor will use a separate door under plans for a new Upper West Side luxury tower — where affordable housing will be segregated from ritzy waterfront condos despite being in the same building. Manhattan developer Extell is seeking millions in air rights and tax breaks for building 55 low-income units at 40 Riverside Boulevard, but the company is sequestering the cash-poor tenants who make the lucrative incentives possible. Five floors of affordable housing will face away from the Hudson River and have a separate entrance, elevator and maintenance company, while 219 market-rate condominiums will overlook the waterfront. Extell broke ground on the building between West 61st and West 62nd streets last year as part of the 15-tower Riverside South residential complex stretching to West 72nd Street. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a Democrat who represents the Upper West Side, told The Post that Extell’s plans “smack of classism,” and feared they could set a dangerous precedent for other developers.“It’s a blatant attempt to segregate people,” fumed Rosenthal, who is demanding that HPD deny Extell’s request for tax breaks. “It’s just not a good thing for the city of New York to be supporting.” Under Extell’s plans for the low-income units, a studio will go for $845 a month, a one-bedroom for $908, and two-bedrooms for $1,099. Households with incomes below 60 percent of the city’s area median income qualify for the units. A family of four, for example, would need to make less than $51,540; an individual would need to earn less than $36,120.

Hey you know who probably doesn’t give a fuck about this? The Poors, thats who. The Poors who get to live in a fucking TWO BEDROOM luxury condominium for a thousand bucks a month. Find me any of these people who qualify for this low income housing and ask them if they care. Those motherfuckers will climb through the sewers and up through the basement of that building if they can land one of those apartments. You could segregate entrances and water fountains and bathrooms and all sorts of shit in that building and the Poors would gladly accept their role. You could call them Untouchables and string cow bells around their necks to warn the wealthy people when they are coming and I don’t think anybody would care.

Except, of course, some councilwoman who wants to rock the boat because she’s “outraged.” Listen up toots – the poor people want to live in the fancy people building and the fancy people don’t wanna see the poor ones. Here’s your solution. Separate entrances. Everyone is happy. Segregation is probably the smartest thing of all time.