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Kash Daniel (Aka Kentucky's Tim Riggins) Is In A Group Text With Stone Cold Steve Austin Because Of His Celebration After Beating Florida Last Year

I’ve never been more jealous of Kash Daniel after hearing this. I mean this includes being the man on the greatest campus in America after beating Florida. This includes winning a Citrus Bowl over Penn State. This includes being one of the faces of the greatest years in Kentucky football history.

No, no – getting to be in a group text with Stone Cold because you celebrated like him is where it peaks. Think about how awesome that would be. If you’re like me (32), you grew up with Stone Cold. Just listen to PMT and KFC Radio with him and you can hear the joy in the guys voices talking to him and about him.

This is all I needed to hear by the way. I mean Kash is already fired up for this season. He called out all the jackasses at CBS and ESPN for their predictions


He showed up to SEC Media Day dressed like Jon Snow and started cutting WWE promos

Now that I know he’s talking to Stone Cold? Book another 10 win season. Book it right this goddamn second.