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Which NBA Team Had The Best Schedule Release Video?

Incase you’ve been living under a rock you know that the NBA released their team schedules for next season. It’s a fun day filled with hope and it means we’re one day closer to the start of what should be another absolutely insane NBA season which in my opinion cannot come soon enough. Well because it’s 2019 and team’s couldn’t just tweet out a link to their schedule, we saw a ton of NBA teams put out some pretty creative schedule announcement videos. Some better than others for sure, but I have to admit overall these were better than I expected. Let’s have a look

You would think after the summer that the Lakers had and the expectations that surround their season that they would have had a better video than this. No LeBron? No AD? If I’m a Lakers fan I am praying this isn’t an omen for how the season goes because let’s call a spade a spade, this shit stunk.

OK a little better. At least there’s some actual creativity here. Also love how they refuse to list the name of any other Texas team.

We’ve all seen the videos from Cameron Magruder and his fan reactions and every single one is fantastic. This Suns video is no different and I’m sure very relatable to our very own gigantic Suns fan Jared Carrabis. Also love the shoutout to the Aron Baynes Fan Club Twitter account, that dude rules.

Now this is what I’m talking about. In fact this may be the leader in the clubhouse for me. The details are awesome, everything fits perfectly, whoever made this needs a raise. This is how you dominate schedule release day folks.

Good job, good effort Raptors but the Pacers one was much better.

Not sure how relatable this is nowadays to the Grizzlies fanbase as I’m sure many of their younger fans have never held a cassette tape but whatever. Short and to the point, but it could have used a beat or something to liven it up in my opinion.

Call me crazy but I do not think they were spray painting all those logos.

The best NBA social media account did not disappoint! Everyone knows this is the greatest basketball song ever created, hell it may be the greatest song ever created in the history of music. The Kings are going to break out this year, not just because of their young talent, not just because they feel slighted getting only 1 national TV game, but you start your season off with this type of fire there’s no way you don’t have a great year.

Eh, not bad from a creativity standpoint, I get the whole reveal aspect, but we’ve certainly seen better in this blog. I’d give this a “meh” review which is pretty accurate of what the Wolves will be this year when you really think about it.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re expecting me to think this is the greatest video in the history of videos. Well, I don’t. Aside from the great BKN dig by making them a trash can this wasn’t all that great either.

The Bucks were dominant last year and the Avengers was the most dominant movie ever. Pretty good combo.

You knew someone was going to do it. With how viral that stupid meme went there was no way an NBA team was going to leave that out. Didn’t think it would be the Rockets and if it’s me I’m definitely going with table 5

The Blazers aren’t stupid. You throw in any sort of puppy or small animal people are going to love your video. Guess what, it worked.

Alright this one was pretty good both in terms of creativity and execution. To be honest I don’t know how many people will be quitting early against them this year, but that was a nice touch at the end as well.

I don’t know how good the Pelicans will end up being but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to find out. I also liked the move that they didn’t fabricate any hype, they just pulled together real life examples. Personally they could have just shown a ton of Zion highlights and that would have done the trick, but not a terrible route.

Oh cool….the BART. That’ll really get the juices flowing!

It must kill Lakers fans to know that not only did the Clippers have a better summer, but they also had a better schedule release video. As someone who has always been envious of people that can draw, I found this to be very cool.

Seeing as how I love the show Atlanta I enjoyed this one. Good use of little details and seeing as how their whole slogan is #TrueToAtlanta I feel like this fit.

Yup, the Nuggets get it.

TBH they should have just let new Piston Michael Beasley get high and come up with something better.

Did more people watch this video than will actually watch the Hornets play? It’s hard to say

You don’t care about the Cavs, I don’t care about the Cavs, we can move on.

Simple, to the point, my guess is it’ll finish in your team rankings in a similar spot to where they’ll finish the regular season. Needed more Isaiah IMO.

Much better in terms of creativity. Who doesn’t love Legos? This is what you need when your team is being hyped to the moon as a contender in the West, you need to bring the heat with a schedule release video to show you aren’t messing around.

The Knicks did a few short individual videos instead of one long one which just proves that James Dolan is too fucking stupid to even get schedule release day right.

This was very on brand. If I had to predict what the Spurs video would be, it would be something like this.

Fucking love magic so the Magic get an A from me. If you hate on magic you’re just being a hardo and are probably jealous you couldn’t figure out a trick as a kid. While I’ve never attempted any form of magic, I love watching magic tricks.

This is in reference to last year when the Heat said they had big news and all it ended up being was the schedule release. They got killed for it and honestly 2019 isn’t much better.


Christ, the Sixers just can’t get out of their own way. For a team that wants to be the Finals favorite in the East, they’ve already caught their first L. Huge missed opportunity.

That should do it, I’m pretty sure there are 30 in this blog but I’m certainly not going to go back and count. As of now these are my rankings

1. Pacers
2. Kings
3. Nuggets
4. Suns
5. Jazz

What say you?